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It is officially “cold season” in California. I’m hesitant to say winter, because so many readers in the other 95% of the United States/world associate winter with snow, not to mention Game Of Thrones, but that is not the case in SoCal. Even though I turned the heater on last night and am currently bundled up in a North Face Denali, it could be much worse (read: much colder). It is no coincidence I have lived only in Florida or California during my years. Hashtag lucky.

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Luckily, when the temps dropped, I was offered the chance to review Shape Tea through Media Talent Agency. Shape Tea is a newly-launched organic and natural tea company founded in Santa Monica, California. The Shape Tea brand focuses on drinkers’ minds, bodies, energy, health and weight loss.

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They currently offer three types of tea: Active – for a pre-workout boost, Cleanse – to help the body’s natural cleansing process and Relax – to help you cool down and chill out. All three contribute to a healthy lifestyle”.

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I’m honestly much more of a coffee person, if only for seasonally-flavored creamers, and decided to try a tea with a flavor and purpose relevant to this time of year: Pomegranate Cleanse (aka natural, seasonal flavors that will help my body bounce back from one slice of pie too many). The aromatic flavor and rich taste did not remind me of a “healthy food” product at all, which I love.

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Shape Tea’s line of cleansing beverages are designed to “regulate the body’s natural cleansing process.” Shape Tea’s Cleanse web page states that “our Ayurvedic inspired formula is a delicious, gentle and effective way to regulate the body’s natural cleansing process while also enhancing your clarity and balance. Get rid of that excess weight and bloating with our 14 day Shape Tea Cleanse!”

Because of various preparation methods, Shape Teas are able to…

- Help with our endurance
- Improve our immune system
- Tackle weight loss goals
- Increase our overall well being
- Help with moods
- Overcome the idea of health and fitness being difficult to control


Cheers to a warm, healthy holiday season with Shape Tea’s Pomegranate Cleanse!

If you are interested in purchasing Shape Tea products, please feel free to use any of the links found in this post.

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