Paperless Post’s Pretty, Practical Online Announcements

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have moved more times than I can count, or that I can remember. Starting with a brief stint in Boca Raton to Gainesville, back south to Miami, across the country to California (starting south, venturing north), it’s been a near-constant. I have learned to live with the essentials, and Marie Kondo my life like a well-accomplished professional organizer.

Despite the many moves I have under my belt, I’m admittedly terrible with notifying family and friends that I’m on-the-go once again. I’m lucky to have had Paperless Post reach out to me at the time of another move, allowing me the ability to send beautifully-designed, personalized messages to my community that I am, once again, relocating.

Paperless Post donated 825 digital coins that I chose to use to announce the upcoming move to my tribe.

Paperless Post’s Moving Announcements

Their user-friendly website allowed me to easily browse their options of paperless moving announcements, and to bookmark my Favorite selections with by liking (heart-ing?) each card.I ultimately selected a gorgeous, location-appropriate watercolor-esque card from Mr. Boddington’s Studio, aptly named “Mr. Hollywood.” Once you select your card of choice, the Paperless Post dashboard prompts users to customize the layout of their selection with a backdrop. I chose gold confetti stars, which seemed appropriate with the whole “your name in lights” thing I had going. The following screen allowed me to input my updated address (which I chose to leave off of my public blog), as well as a signature for our little familia.
Continuing with the gold/Hollywood/you too can be a star theme I started, gold seemed to be the only appropriate envelope option. There’s another not-so-subtle “hint” in this post announcing that I’m a Leo.

Next, I selected text color, a “stamp” and postage option. I would have appreciated white text to really pop on the gold envelope, though I may have overlooked that option.

The best part? Test sends. Take it from someone in a marketing role that it always, always pays to see what your client (or in this case, Paperless Post recipient) will receive before sending the real deal. Another great part about the PP service is that I’ll be able to easily send my moving announcement to my contacts by easily uploading an Excel file.

Paperless Post contacted me to write this post. All opinions are my own.

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