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Glossier Body Hero Campaign Drives Glowing Results


Skin first, makeup second is the mission behind new-to-the-scenes beauty company Glossier, whose ethos is centered on “creating the new essentials: easy-to-use skincare and makeup that form the backbone to your unique beauty routine.” [1] The company’s most recent product launch, Body Hero, promises the same “glowy, dewy” skin [2] customers achieve with the use of their facial moisturizers and primers – only for the rest of the body.


Their campaign’s challenge: How should the beauty company present a product you can’t directly see the benefit of, like previous campaigns did with cult favorites Boy Brow, “THE” brow product, or Generation G, a matte lipstick that oft appears on the lips of celebrities who strut the red carpet?

Turns out, a little shock (and sex) appeal does the trick – not to mention the brand’s signature “millennial-pink” packaging. The campaign behind Body Hero showcases five women of ranging body type and ethnicity. Consistent only next to the confidence of these women is their decidedly dazzling skin, no doubt influenced in part by the skincare, which is sold as a set, or individually as a daily oil wash or daily perfecting cream.  The orange blossom and neroli blend wash is featured on “model Paloma Elsesser, retired basketball player and Olympic Gold medalist Swin Cash Canal, Trialspark clinical research coordinator and influencer Mekdes Mersha, LPA clothing brand creative director Lara Pia Arrobio and Tyler Haney, founder of sportswear brand Outdoor Voices.” [3]

The inclusive campaign, created by Glossier without the help of outside agencies, drove a strong message of body positivity for anyone who dared to lather up. The message was received loud and  clear – any body (literally) who heroically decides to use the newest product designed and developed by the ingénue behind the brand, Emily Weiss. Major publications like Vogue, Refinery29 and Cosmopolitan covered not only the product launch, but the campaign behind it.

The Cut stated that Glossier’s “other area of expertise is marketing” when referencing Body Hero’s memorable marketing campaign, writing “the oil wash is amazing — but so is the brand’s knack for getting everyone talking” in a blog post, who drove an affiliate link to the new product, with a not-so-subtle CTA directing readers to “Buy.” [4] The campaign has us sold – we’ve set Body Hero to deliver our dewy skin on a bimonthly basis, thanks in part to Glossier’s never-run-out service shipping.






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