After graduating from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s of Science in Journalism and Communications, I have spent more than five years in a professional digital marketing capacity launched after gaining advertiser and publisher attention from a personal health and fitness blog, Exercise and Eat, which I built during college. I excel in writing and producing content and delivering through the appropriate channels to drive conversions, brand awareness and reputation management.


I have experience creating both B2B and B2C marketing automation workflows in Salesforce products (Pardot and Marketing Cloud’s JourneyBuilder) and Hubspot. In addition to  marketing automation experience, I have experience with growth strategy, digital and social media marketing. I have been in the online and digital media sphere since 2008 and have spent the majority of my career on the front- and back-ends of websites and online communities. I work to design intuitive user experiences driven by value-add content and tweaking those creations based on performance data whether in Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook for Business or Salesforce to help make improvements to drive business growth.

Interested in learning more about my background? My LinkedIn profile can be found here. Send me an email today to discuss projects or partnerships.

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